Visiting & Messages


We Love visitors and volunteers!   In order to provide the safest environment possible for all students and staff, Central Kitsap School District requires visitors and volunteers to follow strict regulations.

 All Visitors are required to:

· Make arrangements with the teacher prior to the visit

· Stop at the office

· Sign in upon arrival, no matter how brief the visit

· Wear a Visitor’s badge

· Sign out upon departure

 This includes family visitors, middle and high school students.

· Students wishing to have out-of-town guests visit their classroom for a portion of the day must have prior permission from the principal and teacher.

 · Visitors who wish to observe teaching and learning activities must have prior permission from the principal.


All Volunteers are required to complete the District’s Volunteer Application and Disclosure form.

· That form, along with a copy of their driver’s license or military ID is processed through the Washington State Patrol. 

 · This policy is designed to contribute to our school’s overall security and   safety.

 All Volunteers are required to:

· Make arrangements with the teacher prior to the visit

· Stop at the office

· Sign in upon arrival

· Wear a Volunteer badge

· Sign-out upon departure, leaving badge in office.


Telephone Messages

In an emergency, the office will be glad to get a message to your child, however, it is very difficult for us to deliver casual messages and the end of the day.

 Please make every effort to make daycare and transportation arrangements before your child leaves for school.

A note must be sent with your child if routine transportation arrangements have been changed such as riding a different bus, going home with a friend, or a change in day.  Please sign and date your note.

 Students are NOT ALLOWED to call from the office to make social arrangements.