Green Mountain-wide Community Challenge continues...

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King and his legacy, we are doing a Green Mountain-wide community challenge. As a school, we want to work together to collect items to organizations in need of supplies. If your child is in the Mountain Pod, donations will be collected to go to the Kitsap Humane Society. If your child is in the Tree Pod, they are accepting new or gently used blankets to go to different homeless shelters in Kitsap County. If your child is in the Cloud Pod, non-expired food and canned goods will be collected to go to the Kitsap Food Bank. The challenge began, January 17 and goes until February 14.

Points of contact:

Mountain : Leslie Tavis (lesliet@ckschools.org)
(Mountain POD: Tavis, Case, Sawyer, Bower, Sherbesman, Kerr, Trent and Kay)

Tree: Haylee Hunter (hayleeh@ckschools.org)
(Tree POD:  Collins, Byers, Resource Room, Hunter, Langholff and Smith)

Cloud: Ginger Lancaster (gingerl@ckschools.org)
(Cloud POD: Orchestra/Band, Lancaster, Baker, Korsak Devey and Delaney)

Thank you for your support!


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