Our PTA supports our school and programs for student. If you're interested in working with children or becoming more involved in supporting the school program, volunteering with PTA is a great way to do it!  Your voice and participation is needed for us to be successful! Please contact us at  or visit our facebook page to learn more about upcoming events and ways you can contribute.

PTA membership is open to all parents, teachers and interested community members.

Visit the Green Mountain PTA Facebook page for the latest updates.
School News - PTA Meeting Schedule

President Danielle Rye
Vice President Andrienne Rank
Treasurer Tina Marks
Secretary Melissa Tangen

Green Mountain PTA's 2018-19 budget was approved on June 13, 2018.  Green Mountain PTA supports the following programs and events:

•Back to School Social
•Teacher Grants
•Book Fairs
•Job Squad
•Fall Festival
•Winter Social
•Accelerated Reader Program
•Scholastic Library Fund
•Spirit of Giving Fund
•Assemblies, School Wide and Grade Level Activities
•ICU's (I See You Doing Something "Paw"sitive!)
•Field Trips
•Staff Appreciation