Students are dismissed early on Thursdays so instructional staff can receive professional development, participate in data analysis teams, and plan for instruction. This common planning time helps us meet the needs of each student to reach his/her full potential as a learner.

School is normally in session during the following hours:‚Äč

Regular School Hours Thursday Early Release Head Start
Grades K-5      9:10-3:25 Grades K-5 9:10-1:55 9:00-12:30 (M-Thur) DLP PreK (AM)     9:10-11:50 DLP PreK No class        No class on Friday DLP PreK (PM) 12:45-3:25       

Instrumental Schedule:                        

5th Grade Band (Ms. Jennings/Portable)          9:30-10:00

5th Grade Orchestra (Ms. McAuley/RM 358) 9:30-10:00                     

                    STUDENT LUNCH      RECESS         TEACHER LUNCH

First lunch (K, 2)    11:30-11:50                     11:50-12:10 11:40-12:10  

Second lunch (1, 3) 11:55-12:15                     12:15-12:35              12:05-12:35 Third lunch (4, 5) 12:20-12:40                     12:40-1:00                12:30-1:00  

On half days, school begins and ends at  9:10 a.m. — 11:45 a.m. Please check our calendar for upcoming half days, school holidays and other events.

GM 2-Hr Late Start Schedule 

No HeadStart
No AM DLP Preschool
No Breakfast Service
No Before-school clubs and activities
YKids opens @ 8:00 am
Start Bell @ 11:10 am
End Bell @ 3:25 pm (M-F)

* Thursdays will turn into full day (no early release)

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