Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

Green Mountain
Parent Involvement Plan

(CKSD School Board policy, 4130)

Green Mountain strives to be a welcoming environment and looks for opportunities to build strong family involvement. Here are some of the ways in which we try to meet that goal:

Welcoming School Climate

▪ We strive to create a welcoming environment so that families are greeted with respect upon entering the school and at all points of contact thereafter.

▪ Our primary focus as a team is working with parents and students in areas of concern related to academics, discipline, and attendance.

▪ If needed, families will have access to additional community resources, such as interpreters for limited English speaking and deaf and hard of hearing parents.

Sharing Learning Assistance Program (LAP) information with parents

▪ Parents are invited in the fall to review intervention information and the plan for the upcoming school year. Intervention staff and the principal will be available to answer questions. Attendance has been at its greatest when the open house is done in conjunction with a parent engagement night such as: Back to School BBQ, Curriculum Night/Open House, Barn Dance, Circus, concerts, Scholastic Book Fair, PTA Harvest Festival, etc.

▪ During fall conferences parents are invited to ask questions about the program and student progress and goals. Dialogue is held about parents’ hopes and aspirations for their child, their sense of what their children
need, and suggestions about ways teacher/staff can help.

▪ A copy of the building’s Parent Involvement Plan is provided to families in the fall, as well as available through Green Mountain’s web site. Parents are welcome to review the plan at any time by accessing the school’s web
site or by requesting a written copy.

❖ Providing parents with information throughout the year

▪ Parents are informed when a student is invited to participate in a school intervention in writing as soon as a student is invited to participate. Parents are informed of the intervention model for their student. The
classroom teacher will share progress with parents, as needed, based on ongoing assessments.

▪ Information about curriculum, assessments, and programs is provided throughout the year through newsletters, conferences, meetings, and also posted on the school website and through e-news.

❖ Effective parent involvement to improve achievement

▪ Parents are welcome to request meetings, provide suggestions, and participate in their child’s education throughout the year. There are many ways to do this, including conferences with the classroom teacher,
Student Success Team meetings, and discussions with the intervention staff. Staff are willing to work with parents to assist in the success of the student. Staff will communicate with parents meaningful ways to
support their student’s learning at home. We welcome suggestions and requests.

▪ Our Student Success Team is set up to meet weekly. Students can be referred by any staff member as well as by parents who have concerns about a child’s achievement in school. This is a team effort involving the
parent, Learning Specialist, School Psychologist, Principal, classroom teacher, Reading Intervention teacher, Speech, and any other staff with whom the child works or might provide professional input. As a team, we discuss strengths, concerns, and strategies. Interventions may be put in place to better assist the teacher, child, and parents.

❖ Parent involvement in developing and reviewing the plan

▪ An annual spring meeting will be held to evaluate and revise the Parent Involvement Plan. This meeting will include: the Principal, Learning Specialist, Reading Intervention teacher, paraprofessionals, teachers, and
parents. Parents will be invited to this meeting. Childcare and refreshments will be provided.

▪ The Learning Assistance Program (LAP) is a significant part of our School Improvement Plan (SIP). Planning for the SIP takes place each year with staff input. An annual review is conducted each fall of the SIP that includes our intervention plan. The SIP can be accessed for review on our school website.

▪ If parents have concerns about the LAP program, they are encouraged to talk with the principal. LAP Complaint Procedures are outlined in Chapter 392-168 of the Washington Administrative Code. This can be found at http://apps.leg.wa.gov/wac/default.aspx?cite=392-168