Some encouraging news for 2021-2022

Information regarding 2021-2022 school year
Posted on 06/09/2021
Stay Informed @ CK

Last week, the state released new health and safety guidance for K-12 schools. This is good news! Above all, the new guidance allows us to fully reopen for in-person learning in the fall.

The state will continue updating its guidance for schools as state and federal safety guidance evolves, but here’s what we know right now:

  • This fall, we will offer full-time, in-person learning for all students. Our schools will operate according to our previous start/end time schedules.
  • We will also offer a virtual academy (K-12) through Barker Creek Community School and a homeschool option (K-8) through our Parent Partnership program for families who choose it. If you have not done so already, please call us at 360-662-2570 to register or to learn more.
  • We will not offer a hybrid option beyond this spring. Families will need to choose between fully in person, virtual academy, or homeschool for next year.
  • We will observe the state’s physical distancing recommendations. As directed by the Department of Health, these recommendations will not prevent us from offering full-time, in-person learning this fall.

Over the summer, updates to state guidance are expected to reduce restrictions even further. We will keep you informed about how these changes will affect our schools. We are eager to welcome students back on their normal schedules this fall!