2020-2021 Parent Input Form

Parent Input Form
Posted on 05/13/2020

Parent Input for 2020-2021

Understanding your child’s learning style is one of our most important staff responsibilities.  It is crucial that classes are balanced on a number of criteria that affect teaching and learning.  Staff considers student achievement, independence, behavior, academic level, boy/girl ratio, and combinations of students who do well or poorly together. 

Parents may have some additional information which can help create the best possible learning environment, and we welcome this input.  When providing this information, we ask that parents focus upon the needs of the child and the type of environment that will best meet those needs.

This form is for input.  It is not used to request specific teachers as grade assignments are subject to change each fall.  

Input is considered when it:

1) is made on a Parent Input Form, and
2) is made by 3pm  May 29, 2020

Please use this link: Parent Input Form - Class Placement Process