Kindergarten 2020-21 News

A Glance into Kindergarten
Posted on 06/12/2020

Hello Kindergarten Families!

The beginning years in school are among the most important for developing an enthusiasm for learning.  Helping your child prepare for meeting the learning targets will set them up for success and help the staff in creating positive learning experiences while supporting your child's developing abilities.  We hope to build a strong partnership in learning with families.

Kindergarten Round-Up and “Slow Start” Orientation

Kindergarten Round Up

Round-Up is an opportunity to learn more about your school and typically happens in the Spring.  You will participate in a school tour, meet some of the staff, and learn simple games/activities to help prepare your child for Kindergarten.  This is also a great time to meet other parents!  

Kindergarten "Slow Start" Orientation are individual appointments where you and your child meet their teacher, tour kindergarten and review important paperwork.

Because we were unable to have Kindergarten Round Up (i.e. open house) in the spring, we have included a link to our Welcome Kinder Round-up Video and Kindergarten Round-up presentation link.  Check them out.

Our district runs a "slow start" for kindergarten in September.  Individual orientations will be scheduled for you and your child.   You will receive a call in late August to set up your “Slow-Start” appointment.  During that conference you will meet with your child's teacher and your student will be tested on their letter and number recognition.  Slow Start appointments are approximately 45 minutes and are tentatively scheduled for Sept 2-4 pending district re-entry plan.  First full day of school for Kindergarten students is Tuesday - September 8, 2020 pending district re-entry plan.


In the meantime, we encourage you to explore our resources for families with kindergarteners. We also recommend looking through our Kindergarten Handbook (PDF). It includes tips on activities you can do at home to build school-ready skills.

For more information about our school:

For questions, please call our office at  360-662-8700.