PTA Box Tops

Help support GM with Box Tops for Education
Posted on 01/10/2020

We recently sent home a new Box Tops for Education flyer that asks for your Box Top labels to be sent in to school by February 10th.  Please know that we collect labels all the time, but are hoping to get several for the company's March collection date.

 This year Box Tops has started phasing out the Box Tops that require clipping and submitting before the expiration date on the label.  Instead, they have provided an app that you can download to your cell phones and simply scan your sales receipts.  The savings are automatically entered into our schools account that you designate when you get the app. - These labels do not have an expiration date on them and that's how you will know they are the scannable ones.

If you have items that still have the labels with expirations dates, please send them in!

MaryLouTrent, PTA Box Top Chair
[email protected]