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Destination Imagination

The focus is on developing imagination, creativity, teamwork and sparking children's interest in thinking of and presenting ideas.  Teams are formed at the beginning of each year.

Job Squad

4th & 5th Grade Students are invited to apply for various jobs around the school. These jobs help our students develop a sense of pride and belonging, as well as providing a service to our school. Some jobs include flag raiser, green team recyclers, teacher assistant, assembly crew, just to name a few.

Student Recognition

When a staff member sees a Green Mountain student doing something positive, they may give them an ICU slip (meaning ‘I See You’ being a good citizen). An ICU can be given to any student by any staff member (particularly if it’s tied to the Green Mountain ABCs).  Each week  there is a drawing in each classroom where names of  winners are read during our morning announcements.  Along with the school wide recognition, the PTA sponsors a free ice cream treat  for each winner.


Safety Patrol

4th & and 5th grade students are eligible for the school Safety Patrol Program. Training and parent permission is required. Students must conduct themselves in a responsible manner to serve.

Page Masters

Our Green Mountain Library is truly the “heart of the school”. It houses books that help student and staff members alike. It is important for us to keep these materials in good condition and in order, so we all find what we need quickly. Page Masters are responsible for shelving the books for their section, dusting their shelves, and making sure books are in the correct order and that their shelves are in tip top shape. They also need to have a good attitude, and cooperate with fellow students and teachers. Page Master’s time in the library is NOT an indoor recess, but an opportunity for them to develop and practice “on the job” work skills while they help serve the people in our school.

Instrumental Music - Band and Orchestra (optional classes)

All our district elementary schools offer a band program and students can begin playing in the school band at the start of their fifth grade year. At the beginning of the school year, your child will have the opportunity to explore and play various band instruments.  Qualified music teachers will assist them through this process.

Band instruments, which they can play, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, and percussion instruments. If your child wishes to play percussion, they must have had at least two (2) years of piano experience from a private instructor, and please note that the percussion section will be capped off at three  (3) student’s total.

Orchestra includes 4 instruments:  violin, viola, cello, and a double bass.

Elementary band meets each day for 30 minutes during the school day and is a year-long class.  There are several concerts though out the year.  Attendance at concerts is expected for all students. 

Band/Orchestra Policy

Students are expected to bring their instrument, band book and a great attitude to class every day. They are expected to take part in the rehearsal process, respect peers’ perspectives, and participate in any other activities designed to further knowledge of the literature or a musical concept. Written Work will include music theory, and goal sheets, and assignments. Assessments/Playing Tests is music that is prepared in classed and practiced at home.  Students should take instruments home for daily practice. Student are expected to attend Concerts, unless there is a family emergency. 



By enrolling in band/orchestra and returning the signed syllabus provided by the teacher, band/orchestra members make a commitment to participating in class.  Once enrolled in band/orchestra, a student may leave at the end of a trimester, with written parent consent and principal approval. Please see the principal for any questions or concerns.  This policy ensures commitment and growth throughout the year and encourages positive musical development on a daily basis.


Any change of instrument will be up to Teacher’s discretion, and discussed with the parent and student if this option will help the student be more successful on his/her instrument


Students have access to Band/Orchestra - Google Classroom.  Teachers will be providing helpful videos on how to hold their instrument, first sounds, etc.  This is also a great resource to review and go back to steps taught in the classroom.

More detailed information will be provided at the beginning of the year.  Contact information for:

Jennifer Jennings, Band Teacher                  Kelli McAuley, Orchestra Teacher


Green Mountain Elementary Choir rehearsals are held each Wednesday after school from 3:30 to 4:00 p.m. Fourth and fifth grade students are eligible to participate. Students must have their parents' permission and provide their own transportation home.  Please contact Mr. Dahl, our choir director, for further details.     
Phone - 662-8716 or Email