Have a Great Summer…

Summer Greetings

We look forward to welcoming our students back to school. Stay informed over the summer at www.ckschools.org

We did it!  You met the challenge, learned some new things, persevered, and we helped each other along the way.  The send off wasn't our typical bubble wave, but want to wish you success as you move on to the next grade, a new place and new adventures. 

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 If Dr. Seuss wrote a poem about COVID-19 it might look like this

The buildings were big
And people would smile
Travel they would
Mile by mile

 But sick they become
And numbers, it grew

 Businesses worried
Communities too

 Things stop for a bit
The world slowed its roll
The virus had certainly taken its toll 
But what they then saw

From slowing things down
They now had less reason to frown

Families now gathered
'What games shall we play?'
'Pass my the blue crayon'
'Give mummy the grey.'

'Daddy is home guys! He'll read us a book.'
Then all of us together
We might just cook

The lungs of the planet
Caught a small break
Less travel meant less pollution to make

People did realize that it will be okay
They don't need so much to get through the day

Maybe this virus that caused so much stress
Showed the whole world that more can mean less.

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