Attendance Policy

Students have a responsibility to attend school. Regular and punctual class attendance is required.  Students at times may appropriately be absent from class. The following principles shall govern the development and administration of attendance procedures within the district:

  • Absences due to illness or a health condition, a religious observance, or a family emergency shall be excused absences. Parents must contact the school to report such absences.
  • Students shall be permitted to make up all missed assignments. Make up work should be completed and returned as soon as possible or within a week of return to school. In cases of extended absence, please make arrangements with the teacher about a make-up schedule.
  • The school shall notify a student’s parent or guardian in writing or by telephone whenever the student has failed to attend school after one unexcused absence within any month during the current school year. The notification shall include the potential consequences of additional unexcused absences. A conference with the parent or guardian shall be held after five unexcused absences within any month during the current school year.