Green Mountain Library 2022

Welcome to the library here at Green Mountain!

My name is Ms. Byers and I am our Green Mountain School Librarian.  Although I manage the school library, I could not do it without the assistance of my wonderful library clerk, Ms. Rachel.  We work together to provide a comfortable setting that fosters and supports the reading development of our Green Mountain students.  We have so many wonderful books in our collection, and we work hard to make those books available to our students. 

Our library has a section of Picture books with a reading level ranging from preschool to fifth grade.  We also have Non-Fiction, Fiction Chapter Books, Bilingual, and Reference sections. I do let the students choose their own book.  Learning to select a book is something each child needs to discover, at first with some guidance. This discovery may include books that are too easy, too hard or too boring. Students may choose a book because of its color, size, or topic.  Many students like to check out non-fiction books about animals, pets, etc.  I will try to guide the students toward an age appropriate section but this is not always possible or preferable. 

In the next couple weeks your student will have the opportunity to choose and check out their first library book(s) of the school year.  In the library we will review some basic book care guidelines, but you can reinforce these at home as well. 

Here is a quick recap: 

  1. Keep your books in a safe place (maybe on a bookshelf, in a backpack or special bin).

  2. Keep books away from pets.  (It is ok to read to them, but you would be surprised how many books get eaten by pets each year!!)

  3. Don’t eat or drink while you are reading your library books.  Make sure your hands are clean.

  4. Handle books carefully.

  5. Return books in a timely manner.  We usually allow students to keep a book for one week, but students can renew books if needed.  

  6. As long as books are returned, a new book can be checked out each week.

Other library policies:


  • Different grade levels are allowed to check out different numbers of books, and this may change depending on the time of the year. This will be explicitly explained to your student.

Overdue Books

  • Books are required to be brought back each week, to return or to renew. 

  • After a week, the book is marked as overdue but no fines will be issued at this time. Fines are generally only assigned after 4 weeks of the book not being returned, or if the student has told us it is lost/damaged.


Book Fines 

  • Will be assessed if a book is damaged or lost.

  • If a fine is assessed and you find the book before it is paid, return it back to the library and the fine will be removed. 

  • Fines cannot be refunded if they have been paid and the book was found.

  • If you are unable to pay for a lost or damaged book, you can replace it with a copy of the book (usually cheaper) or contact Ms. Byers for other options. 

  • There are no late fees, but we encourage students to bring back their overdue books before checking out more.

Please know that we are here to do all we can to make this year the most positive experience possible.  Feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns.

Let's have an amazing school year of reading and sharing books!

Ms. Byers 

[email protected]             360-662-8720