Green Mountain Library
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Our Green Mountain Library goal is for all students to use information to enhance learning and the enjoyment of literature.

The Green Mountain Library Media Specialist is Mrs. Sally Selberg.
The Green Mountain Library Clerk is Mrs. Rachel Vanderwerf.

Library Expectations

Students are expected to follow all Green Mountain ABC’s going to and from the library as well as while in the library. They need to have a "Job" to do (find a good fit book, research, etc.), do that "Job" quickly and return to their classroom in a timely manner without disrupting the learning of others.

Check Out Policy

All students in the Central Kitsap School district have the right to check out a variety of books from the school library. It is the responsibility of the student and parents to make sure books are cared for appropriately and returned on time in order to avoid fines attached to students' school accounts. Parents may request that students keep their books at the school. This needs to be arranged with the school Library Media Specialist and the Homeroom teacher.

∙ Students are welcome to come into the library at any time with a pass from their teachers during the normal school day.
∙ Books are checked out as follows: K-1st grade one (1) book per week; 2nd-3rd grade two (2) books per week; 4th-5th grade three (3) books per two weeks.
∙ Parents are welcome to come and check out books as well. They will need to have a Green Mountain Library account created.

Book Care Policy

1. Never eat or drink while reading.
2. Always have clean hands while handling a book.
3. Be sure to use a bookmark to save your place.
4. Store books in a safe place. Out of the reach of pets or young siblings.
5. Always keep books dry. Don't carry in backpacks with juice or water.
6. Never write in library books. Keep away from young siblings who may want to.
7. Please return books on time. Check with classroom teacher for scheduled library times.

Lost or Damaged Materials Policy

∙ The person who checks out library materials is responsible for their return. Please don't loan your library books to anyone else.
∙ If materials are lost, they will need to be paid for or replaced with the same type of book; such as a hard cover book for a hard cover book or a paperback book for a paperback book.
∙ If materials are lost or damaged, please see Mrs. Selberg to assess the fine. Fines will be placed on the students' school account and will need to be paid to the office to clear their account.
∙ Fines will not be refunded if the lost materials are found, so please make a careful search for the lost book.
∙ If a parent or guardian would like to discuss his/her student’s lost or damaged book, please call Mrs. Selberg @ 662-8720.
∙ When damaged or lost books are not paid for or replaced in a timely manner and no attempt has been made to contact the Library Media Specialist, students may miss out on whole school activities, in accordance with district policy.

Overdue Policy

One week overdue—reminder to student

Two weeks overdue—no new check out allowed and letter sent home from Librarian

Three weeks overdue—no new check out allowed, student begins missing recess and calls home. Second reminder sent home.

Four weeks overdue or longer—student will not be invited to whole school functions such as assemblies, All School Sing-a-long, and Field Day. Book is marked lost and a fine is affixed to the student's school record.