Associated Student Body

ASB stands for Associated Student Body. ASB is the group of students that is selected to represent the entire student body of Green Mountain Elementary. The ASB is open to 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students.


The goal of the ASB is to bring students together by promoting educational, cultural and social activities.  ASB actively works to:

– Develop leaders of our campus.

– Create memorable experiences for all students while at Green Mountain Elementary.

– Promote unity and school spirit.

– Bring about ideals and standards of scholarship & conduct.

– Promote a positive learning environment & school image.

– Increase communication and cooperation between students, staff, and community.


ASB members at Green Mountain Elementary will follow these guidelines (at an elementary level) in order to prepare our students to continue to be leaders as they enter into middle school, and later in high school.

  • Students that are interested in joining the ASB will need to be students who are interested in serving as leaders of their student body.

  • Students that are interested will need to model behavior that shows what a good student looks like by always doing their best, being respectful and responsible, caring and cooperating, daring to try, encouraging others and being safe at all times.


The actual day to day activities of the ASB may consist of a monthly meeting during lunch, some morning announcements, filming, photography, monthly spirit days, a willingness to participate and speak at school assemblies, community service hours promoting the ASB decided fundraiser for the year.


Ms. Devey 360-662-8729 or [email protected]

Mr. Korsak 360-662-8728 or [email protected]