Rules & Conduct

Every person in Green Mountain Elementary School is expected to treat every other person with dignity and respect.  Staff and students will all work together to help every person in the school reach their fullest potential.  Any behavior or action that helps someone grow and mature will be encouraged.
We, the staff of Green Mountain Elementary School, are committed to providing students with the behavioral and academic skills required to reason, communicate, and live with dignity in a literate society.  Our staff seeks to provide instruction that allows all students to reach their fullest potential.  We will assist students in gaining the academic competence and the responsibility required to find success through their school years and into the world of work.
When every person in a school is doing their best, the school becomes an exciting and warm place to learn new things every single day. At Green Mountain, all members of our school community are expected to be Respectful, Responsible and Safe.

Please also review our attendance  and homework  policies.

Student Responsibilities

  • Follow school-wide expectations = Respectful, Responsible and Safe
  • Understand that the purpose of Green Mountain is for learning and that each student must show effort toward reaching the learning objectives set forth by the teacher.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Read over the school expectations with your child.
  • Send your children to school on time, well rested, in weather-appropriate clothing, and with necessary supplies.
  • Discuss with your children courteous behaviors, responsibilities for following adult directions, and respecting property of others.
  • Understand that all persons must, upon request, identify themselves to any School district personnel or authorities in the school building, on the school grounds, at school-sponsored events, or on school buses.
  • Contact the school if you have a concern. 

Teacher Responsibilities

  • Read and discuss rules, procedures, and expectations with students during the first two weeks of school.
  • Review rules, procedures, and expectations with students throughout the school year.
  • Consistently enforce expectations.
  • Keep accurate documentation of student behavior.
  • Contact parents when behavior interferes with the student’s education or the education of others.
  • Ensure the parent is contacted by the school when severe behaviors occur.

In-Building Movement

Goal: Quiet, clean, and orderly hallway movement.


  1. Students will walk quietly and quickly to their destinations.
  2. Students will line up quietly by doorways while waiting for entry into classrooms.
  3. Passes will be used at all times, unless students are passing to daily programs or support.
  4. Students will follow all adult directions.


Goal: Mealtime is a quiet and polite activity, where people display proper manners and show respect for others.


  1. Students will enter the gym under a teacher’s direction and leave with their trays in an orderly manner, walking quietly, and leave with their tray using designated entrances.
  2. Students will be courteous and cooperative with lunchroom personnel.
  3. Students will pick up after themselves, dispose of litter and waste in trashcans, and return trays properly.
  4. Students will follow all adult directions.


Goal: The restroom is for clean, quick, and quiet use.


  1. Passes will be used at all times.
  2. Students will keep the restroom clean and tidy.
  3. The restroom will not be used for visiting or playing.
  4. Students will follow all adult directions.

We recognize that student dress and appearance are the primary responsibilities of the parent. However, dress and appearance must not present health or safety problems, cause a disruption or create an immediate or substantial risk of disruption at school or at sponsored activities.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Shorts and skirts must be below the fingertips while arms are at sides and fingertips extended. 
  • Halter tops and bare midriffs are not allowed.
  • Wear appropriate shoes at all times for daily recess (e.g. no open-toed shoes).
  • Shoes appropriate for P.E. must be worn during scheduled PE Specialist weeks (i.e. no boots, sandals or hard-soled shoes).Please, check with your child to find out their PE days.
  • Wording or images on clothing must be appropriate for elementary-aged students (i.e. profanity, hate-speech or inappropriate images are prohibited).
  • Hats are not allowed in the building, except on designated special occasions.
  • Religious head wear is allowed.
  • Dress appropriate for Pacific Northwest weather conditions. 

See full Dress Code Policy/Procedure 3224 and 3224P on the district website

Goal:  Students will have fun at recess and follow Green Mountain’s school-wide expectations (Respectful, Responsible, Safe) to ensure they play safe and fair. Our school has implemented the Peaceful Playgrounds program to teach activities and positive behavior choices at recess. 

 The five components of this model include:

  1. All students follow a consistent set of rules taught by the PE   Teacher.
  2. Student choose from three options to resolve conflicts that include: WALK, TALK, SCISSORS-PAPER-ROCK
  3. A playground that has clearly marked games to promote positive choices.
  4. Equipment that is available, organized, and well taken care of.
  5. Consistent expectations.

Refer to  Playground Duties/Rules

Expectations: All students will arrive on time to school by the official 9:10 am start time.

  1. The front doors will open @ 9:00 am.
  2. Students who attend breakfast in the gym must do so before going to class.
  3. Bus riders who eat breakfast will go directly to the cafeteria upon arrival at school.
  4. Students will receive a pass to go to class IF they are still eating after the 9:10 start-day bell. 

Goal: Students dismissed at the end of the day will move in a safe and orderly manner using designated exits.


  1. Students will walk quickly to busses without disturbing other students.
  2. Students will line up quietly to wait for busses.
  3. Walkers will leave school grounds at dismissal times, using appropriate exit doors; stay on the sidewalk, and crossing at the appropriate crosswalk.
  4. All students must leave the grounds at dismissal

When a student plans to go home a different way than what is normal, parents must send a note to the office first thing in the morning. If a student is riding a different bus, a parent must write in the note the person’s name they are going to and the specific bus stop that your child will be getting off at. Students without notes will go home their regular way

Last-minute plans do occur, so please call the office as early as possible.>

Students are NOT allowed to use the phone at the end of the day to make last minute arrangements. Arrangements should be made before coming to school. 

Buses often allow electronic devices to allow students to be independently busy while on the buses.  At school all devices must be kept in backpacks (at your own risk) at all times.  

Cell phones may be used after school hours.  Please do not count on contacting your child through their cell phone.  Please notify the office of any emergency situation, especially if it requires your student leaving early.

All students must sign a Student User Consent/Release Form before using the computers at school.  Consequences will be given for misusing the devices. 

Computers are important learning tools and are used almost daily across the grade levels.  Students create documents, slides and a variety of other projects.  The internet is used to practice academic skills as well as to conduct research.  Computers are also used to conduct all levels of testing from classroom, to district to statewide tests.

See full Digital Resources Policy/Procedure 2200 and 2200P on the district’s policy page.
Goal: No one shall interfere with the learning of others. Green Mountain will be a safe place that is free of violence, weapons and illegal substances.

Severe behavior is behavior that is considered of such a serious nature that it may cause hurt or harm to others, damage to the property, or disrupt the process of learning.  

The district publishes and distributes Student Handbooks to all families. This handbook explains all behaviors that are considered Big 3 Behaviors: violence, defiance and criminal activity. Students will be referred to the principal for any Big 3 Behaviors.

We love to honor your child's birthday through announcements. IF your child wishes to celebrate his/her birthday at school with classmates, parents will need to contact the teacher to make arrangements in advance. There may be students with severe food allergies who will need to be accommodated.

  • Due to increase in severe food allergies, we strongly suggest store-bought food items that include ingredients label for safety purposes. 
  • Celebrations w/ food happen during lunch time, or at the end of the day at the teacher's discretion.
  • Refrain from sending balloons and flowers, unless you are picking your student up from school that day. These items are not allowed on the bus.
  • Invitations to birthday parties can only be given out at school IF it includes the whole class.

You are welcome to come eat lunch with your child!  Just stop by the office to sign-in and pick up a visitor's badge.

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Even the friendliest dog can be a hazard around children. All requests for “furry visitors” must adhere to district policy (Animals in District Facilities 6520P.
We discourage students from bringing personal items to school.  Only items directly related to instruction WITH teacher permission may be allowed.

Personal items can get lost or damaged, as well as have the potential to cause a distraction or disruption to learning and social-emotional safety.  

The first time a student brings something to school that should have stayed at home, they will receive a reminder not to bring it again. If they bring it again, the item will be held by the school staff , the parents will be notified and will need to pick up the item from school.