Homework Policy

WE BELIEVE homework is an important tool: It promotes learning and student achievement. It helps students carry their learning activities outside the school setting. Homework reinforces and enriches school experiences, and promotes independence and responsibility. The partnership between home and school is strengthened when parents monitor and support a daily homework routine.

Homework at Green Mountain is intended to serve the following purposes:

  • For students to practice learned skills
  • For students to practice independence
  • For students to practice responsibility and accountability, as this is marked on the report card
  • For students to complete work that they did not complete during class time
  • To serve as one form of communication between school and home


We believe that time for homework should not take away from quality family time. 

Homework during Holiday and Spring Breaks

Sufficient class time will be provided for students to complete work.  However, students may use breaks as opportunities to catch up on missing work and work on upcoming projects.  No student will be penalized for work not completed during breaks.


Extended Leave

Parents should request permission from the principal and classroom teacher if their child will be going on an extended leave from school.  An extended leave request form is required, at least two weeks before the planned leave. Visit our attendance page to learn more about extended leave and to download the form.



In grades K– 4, students and parents can rely upon a weekly homework system as communicated by the teacher. 

In grades 5-6, homework may be communicated using the school daily planners.  Students are responsible for keeping these planners up to date. Parents need to check student’s planners every day. 

Student achievement improves when parents, students, and teachers share what is happening in class.