Music Remotely
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Grizzly Family,

Welcome to our new school year! I am looking forward to our new musical adventures together, even though we’ll be doing things differently for a while. It will be a great time of learning for all of us!

I sure do wish we could all get together in person right away. Health and safety come first, though, so we all have to wait a bit longer. I am so much looking forward to seeing your smiling faces and hearing your wonderful voices here at school! But don’t worry--there are so many cool things we will be able to do remotely. 

Students will need to join the Music classroom for their grade level: 

How to join your Music Google Classroom

Classroom Codes

1. In Chrome, click the “waffle” icon.



2. Click the “Classroom” icon.

Grade 1


3. In Classroom, click the “+” icon.

Grade 2


4. Enter the class code for Music (see chart).

Grade 3


5. Click “join.” 

Grade 4


6. Check for assignments every week!

Grade 5


All of us at Green Mountain have been working hard to get everything ready for you. 

See you online!

   Mr. Dahl  
 [email protected]