Health Services

Health Services partners with families and communities to ensure that all students are healthy, safe, and ready to learn. Towards this end, our team of school nurses work to promote student health, oversee illness and injury interventions, counsel students and staff on health, provide vision and hearing screenings, manage immunization and infectious disease compliance, and act as a liaison with community health resources.

Annual Health Information Request

Each year, we ask families to complete a Confidential Health Information Form through the online check-in or new student registration process. This helps us learn about and plan for your child’s health and medical needs. If your student’s health information changes during the school year, please contact your school nurse.

Life Threatening Health Conditions

If your student has a life-threatening health condition, a medication and/or treatment order must be in place before starting school. Your school nurse will use this information to create an Individual Health Plan (IHP) specific to your child’s needs. The medication order and/or treatment order and Individual Health Plan must be in place before your student starts school.

Health Plans

Individual Health plans are required for students with life-threatening health conditions and must in place before starting school. Health Plans may also be appropriate for other health-related accommodations needed at school. Your school nurse can help determine if a Health Plan is appropriate for your student.

Vision and Hearing Screenings

All students in grades K through 5 and 7 are given vision and hearing screenings.  Students in 6th and 8th grades are screened if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • New to the CK District
  • Receive Special Education services
  • A screening is requested by the parent or teacher

If your student is not scheduled to be screened this year, you may request a screening by contacting your school nurse.  Parents/guardians are informed by mail if their student does not pass a screening.  A professional evaluation by a provider is recommended for students who do not pass.  Contact your school nurse with any questions regarding the results of your student’s screening.

Health Insurance and Health Care Programs

Are you looking for health insurance or additional help with health care costs? Click here for health insurance plans and health care programs sponsored by the state of Washington.

Community Supports

If you are experiencing a crisis or in need of immediate assistance, dial 911 or contact one of our Community Supports resources.  For general resource information, you can dial 211 on your phone to ask about local community resources.  Or, search for resources by subject on our Community Supports page

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